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Excellent service! I took his name from this website and saw the high reviews he had. Decided to go for consult and I have to say they are all very professional and helpful. Mr morales took my case and everything went perfect. Reviews here were totally assertive. Thanks!


He’s the best. He won a workman’s comp case for me. My case involved the worst type of mold exposure….neurotoxic mold. I will never forget how hard he worked on a case that almost never has good endings for the victim.


Compensations of work. Good lawyer, by accident of work, I am grateful with all his personnel they are true professionals, thousand thanks for everything.

Walter José Detrinidad

Honesty and excellence, based on clarity with the client and management of the concept applied to each particular reality. What is needed from a lawyer, ethics and honesty with an excellent handling of the legal issue with respectful and punctual treatment with their clients on their part as well as that of their entire team, where a support is felt at all times with a clarida of the scenario and the expectations raised.


Very patient and professional. For 4 long years. When many times I thought everything had no meaning, I was able to reach a satisfactory agreement for me. Thanks Ricardo and his team, at all times ready to help.


Excellent relationship with the client and a broad knowledge of his profession. He is a lawyer with great knowledge in his profession, maintains excellent communication with the client, is apacionado in his work and his interpersonal relationships are outstanding. I recommend hiring the services of attorney Ricardo Morales to anyone who wants to treat cases of Worker Compensation with confidence and security.


Great Attorney. You know ,I’ve learned one thing about this experience is to always trust my gut feeling ,I saw Mr Morales and I saw a man that was serious ,to the point ,honest not to many people can do that and look you in the face . Mr Morales did his job to the letter , I would definitely recommend Mr Morales for any challenge that steps in front of him, again Thank you Mr Morales God Bless.


Definitely the best. Ricardo exceeded my expectations. Him and his assistants were really helpful and guided me through the entire process, making me feel secure and backed up. He really goes the extra mile to help you if it’s possible.


Competent Adversary. Not only has Attorney Morales been a very competent adversary, he has also worked with me as a member of the Executive Council of the Workers’ Compensation Section of The Florida Bar. Attorney Morales is forthright, intelligent and an excellent advocate for his clients.