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Social Security Disability Claims

Miami Social Security disability lawyer

Providing Help for Miami Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security is a program intended to provide help for elderly and disabled individuals. It was instituted in 1935 and offers financial assistance to those who require added financial resources to meet expenses during retirement or when disabilities prevent them from working. Social Security disability insurance is specifically designed to help you and your family to make ends meet when you are unable to work for a year or more or when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or health condition. The team at the Law Office of Ricardo Morales, PLC can provide you with the best possible legal counsel to ensure the best outcome for your disability claim.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Payments

You must meet specific requirements to qualify for this type of insurance. Working with a qualified Miami Social Security disability lawyer can help you to determine if your disability claim is likely to be approved. By working with a Miami Social Security disability lawyer from the Law Office of Ricardo Morales, you can be sure that your paperwork will be submitted on time and in the proper way. We will work with you to collect all the necessary information to support your disability claim.

Why You Need a Qualified Miami Social Security Lawyer

Trying to go it alone can be a risky proposition when dealing with federal agencies and their requirements. By choosing to work with a Miami Social Security disability lawyer from our office, you can ensure the most effective representation and the best possible results for your claim. Our team is committed to helping you deal with all aspects of your disability claim and to pursue your right to reasonable disability payments.

Miami Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you need the help of a qualified and knowledgeable Miami Social Security disability lawyer, the Law Office of Ricardo Morales can provide you with the right solutions for yourself and your family. Call us today at 305-262-0875 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.