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Advantages of a Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Miami Workers' compensation attorney

Workers’ compensation benefits offer financial support for those burdened by lost wages and incurred medical expenses because of an injury that happens on the job. Filing a claim to receive those necessary benefits is a difficult and complex undertaking that involves dealing with numerous strict requirements. If there is a mistake made while completing the workers’ compensation claims process, it can cause the procedure to be held up, suspending the claim from moving forward, or it could result in rejection.

To avoid any kind of hindrance that can draw out the filing process, or cause a definitive denial of workers’ compensation benefits, it would be in the best interest of the claimant to schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida based workers’ compensation attorney because they can help expedite the claim-filing process because:

  • They are knowledgeable about the laws regarding workers’ compensation claims
  • They can assist the injured employee with the filing process because it is arduous, complicated, and involves numerous actions to be taken that the injured employee may not know about or comprehend
  • They can act as an intermediary on behalf of their client with the agency that determines if workers’ compensation benefits will be awarded to them
  • They can help the injured employee acquire the correct documents to be completed, and where and when the documents should be submitted
  • They know how to appeal a claim that has been denied

Miami Workers’ compensation lawyer, Ricardo Morales, PLC., has been successfully representing injured workers since 1996, in the state of Florida. He helps the injured employees, who become his clients, with filing claims, appealing rejected claims, and is instrumental in winning their workers’ compensation claims for them. Even though the law firm of Ricardo Morales, PLC, is based in Miami, Mr. Morales has several clients throughout the state of Florida. Ricardo Morales is licensed to practice law in all Florida state courts, as well as, the federal jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Florida.

It is urgent to hire workers’ compensation lawyer, Ricardo Morales, when:

  • A claim has been denied
  • A severe injury was incurred at the workplace
  • It’s impossible to go back to work after the workplace injury
  • The employer tries to get revenge from the claimant for filing a claim
  • There was a pre-existing medical or health condition before the occurrence of the injury
  • The claimant gets Social Security Disability benefits

Miami lawyer Ricardo Morales is a strong advocate for injured workers’ rights, and has established memberships in various organizations supporting their rights, striving for the advancement of the workers’ compensation benefits system:

  • Executive Council of Workers’ Compensation Section of Florida Bar as a board member, 2004 – present
  • Florida Bar Workers’ Compensation Rules Advisory Committee as a committee member, 2005 – 2011
  • Florida Workers’ Advocates as the president, 2010 – 2012
  • Florida Justice Association as a member, 2009 – present

He has also attended conferences, which are vital to the progress of the workers’ compensation system:

  • Florida Bar Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, titled: Fraud and Undocumented Workers, 2006
  • Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference, titled: Hot Topics Panel, 2007
  • Florida Workers’ Advocates 2008 Educational Conference, titled: Tactical Approaches to Fraud & Undocumented Workers, 2008
  • Florida Workers’ Advocates 2009 Educational Conference, titled: Practical Practice Tips, 2009

As a bilingual workers’ compensation attorney, Mr. Morales offers valuable counseling to those who are inexperienced in dealing with the claims process. He is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers, which include the rights of undocumented workers. The law office of Ricardo Morales, PLC, is exclusively committed to representing all of the clients, providing for their legal needs, and doing everything possible to get them the justice they deserve.

Miami Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are in need of his legal services, contact Miami workers’ compensation attorney, Ricardo Morales, to schedule a free consultation. Write to him at his email address:, send him a message at his contact page or call him at (305) 262-0875.